Addiction to Gambling

Gambling causes addiction like smoking, drinking or drugs or other dangerous habits. The gamblers who always visit online casinos and play with their friends really know all about gambling, slot gamesroulette game, still do they understand the danger of gambling addiction?!

Problem gambling is defined as the inability to quit gambling that leads to psychological problems and social aspects. This means that gambling addiction is like any other kind of addiction, for example, alcohol or nicotine one. Problem gamblers are obsessed with gambling and they cannot resist the wish to gamble. Under the study held by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, now nearly two millions of Americans suffer from problem gambling. And we muss admit that when we speak of problem gambling, we consider land-based and Internet gambling. According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of online gamblers are problem gamblers.

It has been estimated that the gamblers who prefer to play at electronic machines have higher chances to become addicted rather than those gamblers who prefer to play traditional table games. What is more, slots fans risk to become addicted earlier than the gamblers that prefer to play blackjack, roulette and poker.

As it was just stated, online gamblers are vulnerable to addiction and, to tell the truth, online gaming is even more serious. Really the players may easily hide from their friends that they gamble on the Internet. What is more, most of the Internet casinos can not prevent teens from gambling and because today teens spend much time over the Internet the number of young gambling addicts increases all the time.

The basic problem is that problem gamblers and their relatives cannot recognize the problem on time. The major symptoms of problem gaming is that the gambler always thinks about gambling and can recollect all the details about his gambling practice and results of the games. Some players escape from the world and notice nothing around them just gambling. When the gambler tries to stop, he feels badly, and we are not speaking just about mental but also physical health. Gambling addiction also leads to lying, money wasting and may cause illegal activities. When any of the listed symptoms occurred, this means that the gambler needs help.

Some gambling halls use different techniques to ban teens from Internet gaming and thus to reduce addiction. But, gambling addiction is the major problem now that needs much public attention.These days there exist multiple programs conducted by numerous organizations which help people from all over the world to recover from gambling addiction. Many gambling portals on the Internet are devoted to addiction and offer different programs to overcome this disease.

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