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All casino games have interesting history and many stories are connected with gambling. This is obvious, that the gambling games existed long ago before the players got chance to play free slots online, try roulette download games and visit numerous blackjack sites. No matter you are new to casino games or have been gambling for many years you may still be not familiar with some involving facts about various casino games. Of course, this details are not vital for gambling well and cannot amend your gameplay, however we find it to be quite exciting. So, do you know that:

- Roulette wheel was designed by the well-known mathematician Blaise Pascal. The idea of the wheel appeared during the set of experiments that were held by mathematician with the aim to invent the perpetual motion machine. Obviously, the construction and basic rules were changed later but it is considered that the invention of the roulette wheel was made by the genius scientist and philosopher.

- Four Kings symbols used in the traditional deck of cards stand for the real leaders of various cultures. King of clubs stands for Alexander the Great, and King of spades represents legendary king David, and the King of diamonds is for fabulous Julius Caesar and at last Charles the Great is represented by the King of hearts. In addition all the card suits also correspond to the various historical cultures: clubs is for Greece, suit of spades - for the Middle East, diamonds - for Rome while hearts - for the Holy Roman Empire.

- The original slot machine was created by Charles Fey in 1899 in San Francisco. The first slots were based on poker and provided free cigars and beer as the prizes. Soon when the cards were substituted for different pictures all slots contained three reels and most of them were called the "Bell Machines" as they featured the Liberty Bell reel symbol.

- The famous BAR symbol used at the classic slots came from the logotype of the Bell Fruit company which supplied bubble gum prizes for slots. Furthermore, because the chewing gums at slots had different fruit tastes all the slots were also called the "Fruit Machines".

- The original cubes of the animal bones were used only with the aim to predict the future. These fortunate cubes were the major tool to receive the answers on the vital questions about the future events and were used by shamans. The oldest dice discovered by the archaeologists on the territory of Iraq were produced of the loam and are about 5,000 years old.

- You must know, gambling causes addiction. In the United States, where there is the biggest number of gamblers, nearly 24% adults confirmed that they participated in the illegal gambling activities.

- The casino chips worth $2.50 are used at all the casinos in the United States just at blackjack.

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